Product Features
   PC DVR Card Assembly
   IP Suveillance Assembly
   Evervision Assembly
  DVR Software
   Main Screen
   Client Screen
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   Web Connection
   E-map Function
  Inteligence VCA
   Software VCA
   Hardware VCA
  PC Based Complete Unit
   PC Based S/w NDVR
   PC Based H/W NDVR
   ESNVR System(32ch)
  DVR Capture Card
   4 channel
   16 channel
   32 channel
  IP Camera
   Evevision New IP Camera
   2 Megapixel Camera
   3 Megapixel Camera
  Fiber convert
   1ch PoE Ethernet Convert Transceiver
   1ch Gigabit Ethernet Converter
  Network Video Sever
  Streaming Sever
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  Control System
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Stabilization tracking rate: Approx }500 pixels/ sec
Stabilization range: }64 pixels
Video Delay: > 80 ms
Stabilization: X-Y movement at sub-pixel accuracy
Automatic algorithm: Locks-on to background features.
                       Ignores moving objects and burnt-in text
Lock-on time: < 80 ms from change of image
Input Video: Composite, 1V, 75 Ohm, BNC connector
Output Video: Composite, 1V, 75 Ohm, BNC connector
Video Standards: PAL / NTSC selectable
D1 resolution digitization: 720 x 576 PAL, 720 x 480 NTSC
Network: 10/100 Base-T (set up only)
Simple installatio:n In-line between camera and monitor
Environmental: 0 . 60 Deg C, < 85% RH
Power: consumption 2.5W (~210mA at 12V DC)
Weight: 145g
Size: L = 98mm, W= 99mm, H = 26mm
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