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VCA Software
A cost effective set of Video Analytics packages covering a range of CCTV platforms including IP camera
encoders and PC based central server solutions
•High quality tracking engine
•Quick and easy to use
•VCApresence included free with PC cards ESIPE and ESNVC
Evervision  NVR Version 6.0 software feature
- Loading VCA all function
- Connection  DVR ,NVR,NDVR  with in NVR 6.0.
- Management  disply 256 channel.
- Using GIS(Map) function .
- Popup,alarm notify VCA signal
- Management Total center Software.  
•Included high-end VCAsys tracker
•Far more advanced than video motion detection
1.Intruder and perimeter detection
2.Camera shake cancellation
3.Camera tamper detection
•Included all features of VCApresence
•Extensive range of detection functionalities
•Counting linked to the detection rule
•On-screen display of object classification,speed,area and height
•Unique ,easy to use ,3D calibration
•Additional functionalionalities(to be released)
1.Enter and Exit filters
2.Appear and Disappear filters
3.Stopping filter
4.Dwell filter
5.Direction filter
6.Auto PTZ tracking
7.Abandoned object detection
8.Removed object detection
9.Counting fuction
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