Product Features
   PC DVR Card Assembly
   IP Suveillance Assembly
   Evervision Assembly
  NVR(DVR) Software
   Recorder Program
   Client Program
   Search Program
   Web & smart phone Connection
   E-map Function
  Intelligence VCA CCTV
   VCA Software
   VCA Hardware
  PC N(D)VR Complete Unit
   PC Based S/W NDVR
   PC Based H/W NDVR
   PC Based NVR System
  DVR Capture Card
   4 channel
   16 Channel
   32 Channel
  IP Camera
   Evervision New IP Camera
   2 Megapixel Camera
   3 Megapixel Camera
  Fiber convert
   1ch PoE Ethernet Convert Transceiver
   1ch Gigabit Ethernet Converter
  Digital Video Encoder
  Streaming Sever
  Broadcasting equipment
  Automatic Weather System
  LPR System
   LCPS System
   USSS System
   USSI System
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Alone Type
Support NVR MAX 32channel Application Software ,D1 recording,Providing  SDK,
Support View program connection  1,024 sever MAX  
• Providing SDK or Complete Application Software
• Support NVR 32channel, View program connection  1,024 sever MAX  
• 4 channel H.264 D1 Network Video Encoder
• 4 channel Audio Input, 1 channel Audio Output
• H.264 100/120 fps@D1
• Video Compression: H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG (Dual Stream@D1)
• Deinterlacing on DSP
• Audio Compression: G.711
• RS-232C, RS-485 Support
• USB 2.0 Support (External Storage)
• Motion Detection
• Burnt-in Text
• Built-in Video Contents Analysis
• 100% compatible with ESNVE-R12 and ESNVE-R40 Sub-Rack chassis
• Identification of each sub-rack, each blade card, and each module unit (for easy and quick
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