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Eversecu Recorder
NVR base loading
Two way Audio (NVR - Video encoder),(NVR - IP camera), (NVR- Client).
Support various recording methods(motion detection, continuous and sensor)
MPEG4 & M-JPEG compression codec
Setup image quality & frame rate for each camera
Support watermark
Voice chatting with client
Max 16CH sensor input & Max 16CH alarm output
Pan, Tilt & Zoom control(Basically, included 26 kinds of receiver protocol)
Management of client connection in dynamic IP environment using web based client program
Support Web Server (It can be connected through Internet Explorer without client program.)
Support 1CH spot monitor (switching signal)
Management of Client User (register & delete user,   authorization setting for each user)
NVR software Connection management  our Standalone DVR + IP camera + Network Video Sever  at the
same time.
Support Popup mode.
Support POS equpiment. (Overy recording)
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